Workers’ Compensation

With workers’ compensation, your employees have financial support during trying times. Those injured on the job can make a claim on their company’s workers’ comp policy. They then receive supplementary income in their recovery.

Who needs Workers’ Comp?

Among Oklahoma workplace safety laws are a requirement for most businesses to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Generally, anyone hired in Oklahoma has a right to this protection, and businesses must carry a policy if they have even one part-time employee.

How Does Workers’ Compensation Help My Business?

Workers’ compensation is commercial security. Businesses with workers’ comp often reduce their own chances of suffering significant financial losses after a claim.

  • In many cases, policies eliminate the need of affected parties to sue the business directly.
  • Coverage creates a stable process to help business owners respond to workplace injuries.
  • Employees who receive workers’ comp often return to work sooner and in a better position to resume their duties. Therefore, the business will be able to sustain normal operations.

With the support of workers’ comp, businesses have better chances of coming out unscathed following unfortunate mishaps.

Helping You Get Coverage

The key to workers’ comp is finding the right policy for your operation. That’s where we come in. The agents at Insurance One, Inc. have the expertise to help you always find the perfect coverage.

  • Only certain businesses do not have to carry workers’ comp coverage. We’ll help you determine your own requirements for protection.
  • Businesses can receive limits ranging from $100,000 up to $1 million.
  • Business owners can also choose to exclude themselves from coverage.

So, let us tailor your policy to fit your individual needs and industry-specific risk profiles. We will even compare the policy offerings of multiple insurers to always keep your rates affordable.

We’d love to give you a quote!

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