Homeowners Insurance

The average U.S. property value is about $217,000. Of course, that will vary from house to house. However, whatever the price of your home, it’s one of your most valuable personal assets. Could you afford to replace it after a total loss? With homeowners insurance, you won’t have to worry about answering this question.

If something damages your home, you can use your policy’s funding to pay for some or all the repairs and property replacements. That way, you can make your home as secure as it was before any accident. However, you won’t have to put yourself in a bind to do so.

The Coverage You Need

The goal of Insurance One is to help you, individually, obtain effective homeowners protection. We offer policies and coverage options including:

  • Property and Structure Coverage: Insure your house and other buildings on your property against damage. Coverage can insure losses resulting from fire, weather, theft and more.
  • Possessions Insurance: You’ll need to insure the belongings in your home. You can protect clothing, electronics, keepsakes and even food under this coverage.
  • Liability Coverage: If someone gets hurt or sustains property damage in your home, they may blame you. This coverage can help you settle with the affected parties to cover their losses.
  • Expenses Protection: This coverage can pay expenses like hotel and dining bills if you must move out while the home undergoes repairs. It might even pay for temporary relocation.

Within every policy, you will have leeway to adjust the type and amount of benefits you can receive. Our agents can help you make the best decisions on which protection you need.

Specialty Coverage

Standard home policies generally don’t cover every hazard that might threaten your home. At times, you need to enhance your policy. Specialized coverage might include:

  • Flood Insurance: Most standard policies don’t cover weather-related floods. We’ll help you determine if you need this coverage, and help you meet any guidelines set forth by local law or the National Flood Insurance Program®.
  • Earthquake Insurance:Quake risks exist everywhere, though they are more prevalent in some areas. We’ll help you add policy endorsements or separate coverage to insure your property.

We focus on individual risk factors like your property value, location and income, and fit your coverage to your individual risks and demographics. That way, your policy will always provide exactly the protection you need. With us, there will be no paying for unnecessary coverage.

We partner with multiple insurance providers, all of whom offer excellent policy options. You’ll be able to choose the most affordable option.

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